The pirate skeltals are the navy of the Skeleton War. They sail the seas for all eternity, eliminating all the seafaring fuckboys.

They recruit new members by taking the remains of pirates put to rest at seas.

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Captain John S Skellington Monument

They scavenge for their weapons upon beaches and the ocean floor. Many battles have been fought on the Sea as long as they have on land and Skeleton Hell. People stranded on islands are out of luck if they see a BoneShip. The pirate skeltals have no problem with taking them and "recruiting" them, as they are the toughest, most ruthless fighters in The War. They fight all day, with swords and cannons. They work all night keeping their BoneShip in tip top shape

If you love afterlife on the sea, intense action and hard work, the Pirate division is right for you

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